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About Us

Innovative Excellence in Manufacturing: Shital Group’s Journey in Stabilizers and Plasticizers

Welcome to Shital Group, a beacon of innovation and reliability in the manufacturing industry since 1977. Our journey began with a commitment to excellence and a vision to make a significant impact in the stabilizers and plasticizers sector. As a privately-owned entity, we've continuously evolved, enhancing our product quality and strategic approaches to meet and exceed industry standards.

A Legacy of Milestones and Expansion

Our story is one of growth and diversification. Starting with the production of Rigid PVC Film at Shital Packaging, our journey has been marked by continual expansion and innovation. In 1981, we ventured into the trading of various PVC additives through Shital Polymers. This was followed by a pivotal moment in 1989, with the establishment of Shital Industries Pvt. Ltd., specializing in PVC Stabilizers and Epoxy Plasticizers. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is reflected in our impressive production capacity, which stands at 8000 M.T for PVC Stabilizers and 4000 M.T for Epoxy Plasticizer annually.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

At the heart of our operations is our dedication to research and development, allowing us to excel in producing high-efficiency, low-toxicity stabilizers and plasticizers. Our success is fueled by the unwavering support of our valued customers, driving us to develop advanced, market-leading stabilizers.

Our History

Found Shital Packaging

Pioneering in the packaging industry with innovative solutions.


Started With Trading of all PVC Additives

Diversifying offerings with a comprehensive range of PVC additives.


Found Shital Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Marking a new era in specialized industrial manufacturing.


Started Manufacturing Tin Stabilizers

Expanding expertise into the production of high-quality tin stabilizers.


Started Manufacturing Epoxidized Soyabean Oil

Venturing into eco-friendly products with the introduction of epoxidized soybean oil.


First Indian Company to commence Commercial Production of Methyl Tin Stabilizer.

Achieving a milestone as the first in India to commercially produce methyl tin stabilizer.


Started Research & Development on Methyl Tin Stabilizers

Advancing innovation through research and development in methyl tin stabilizers.


Commenced commercial production of Liquid Stabilizer (Ba/Ca/Zn)

Broadening the product range with the introduction of liquid stabilizers.


Established a new manufacturing unit with the latest technological equipment and Machinery

Elevating production capabilities with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.


Our Production Capacity


PVC Stabilizer


Epoxy Plasticizer

Head Office

Behind ONGC Workshop,
Motera Road, Sabarmati,
Ahmedabad – 380005,
Gujarat, India.

T: +91 9898753888